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Patio stone FAQs

How do I know how much stone I need for my patio/flooring project?

We sell our patio stone by weight

How thick is the patio stone?

Patio stone is any type of thin stone ranging from as little as ¾” to about 2” in thickness

Some pieces came in broken, is that normal?

Yes! That is part of the “Natural Look”.

Is there color variance?

Because this stone is natural, some variation in color, size, texture, can occur

Can natural stone be dry-laid over a stone base?

Flagstone can be dry-laid on a stone base, but installation over a poured concrete pad is preferred. If it is installed on a stone base, it is very important that the base is properly drained and does not retain water. Because the stone can wick water from the base below, rust spots and discoloration may occur for installations over a stone base. For base preparation, we recommend adhering to the ICPI installation recommendations for concrete pavers. For bedding the slabs, we recommend the use of a 1/8” to 3/16” clean stone. It is important that the bedding material is free from foreign minerals that could potentially stain the stone.

Can natural stone be used around salt water pools?
Because salt water may have a deteriorating effect on stone, paver, and concrete surfaces over long term exposure, we advise against using any natural flagstone or concrete products around salt water pools.          
Can you deliver my material to me?

Yes! We can deliver to your jobsite/ residence. We do ask for a 3-5 day window in order to schedule your delivery.