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Groundcover FAQs

How do you sell ground cover material?

We sell our bulk material by the yard.

What do you always have in stock?

We currently always stock Decomposed Granite, White Marble, Little Creek and Buckskin. All other materials available by special order.

How much material do I need to cover my project?

Coverage depends on your project measurements, for reference 1 yard covers 100sqft (10’x10’ space) at a 2”-3” bed depth.

*Decomposed granite compacts, so it only covers 60sqft*
Can I buy a small quantity?

Yes! You can buy as small as a 5 gallon bucket fill of material in stock. (You’ll need to bring your own buckets though)

Can I bring my own vehicle to pick up my material?

Yes you can! Material can be bagged and loaded (extra fee) or directly dumped into your pickup truck/ trailer using a large industrial funnel.

Most Full size trucks hold up to: 1 Yard


Single axle trailers hold up to: 1 yard

*pulled by a full size truck

Tandem axle trailers hold up to: 2 yards

*pulled by a full size truck

Trucks, trailers, etc must be in good working condition. See manufacture’s specs/owner’s manual for limits/capabilities. Southern Stone is NOT responsible for any accidents during or after the loading process.
Can you deliver?

We deliver all bulk material by third parties. You can ask for pricing by calling us!